Sam Weir - Director of Faith and Mission
Young Mercy Links: Leadership Formation Days
01 March 2024

We were pleased to take our School Captains, Senior Faith Captain and Senior Mercy Justice Captain to the inaugural Young Mercy Links Leadership Formation Conference on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 March. Under the theme ‘Leading in Mercy’, our young leaders spent time in workshops and conversations exploring what it means to lead in a Mercy community. The conference was led by Angela Scarafilo, Coordinator of Young Mercy Links Victoria, and featured presentations from members of the YML community who spoke about their post-school experiences working with the Sisters of Mercy in places such as the UN in New York and the Metta Karuna Reflection Centre in Cambodia. Across the two days of the event, our senior captains had opportunities to network with their peers in other Mercy secondary schools, and spent time in strategic planning for their own year of leadership ahead.

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