Student Leadership
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The Student Leadership structure at Sacred Heart College Kyneton provides the opportunity for students to pursue an area of interest that will cater for their talents

College Captains 2021

and passions. The Senior College Cabinet is replicated at the Junior school level, providing an avenue for leadership experience and succession planning throughout the school. The elected members of the Junior Cabinet are titled Leaders, and they will liaise with relevant staff, senior captains, and their own representative groups. All areas have an appropriate staff member to work with them. These staff will currently be in roles associated to the Student Leadership area.

The structure is based on teams. The College Captains work with all of the Captains at the Senior level, as well as convening a combined Senior and Junior Cabinet gathering once per term, to discuss student related College issues and to set the goals for the term in each of the areas. The Captains (Senior) and Leaders (Junior) also have teams, comprising Representatives from the Junior and Senior year levels for the various areas.

Student Leaders Board

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