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As a Catholic school in the Mercy Tradition, the College is committed to providing students and staff with opportunities to engage in a stimulating, inspiring and empowering learning environment where contemporary learning is highly valued.

At Sacred Heart College, we lead contemporary learning when students experience:

  • a learning environment that is supportive, stimulating and inspiring
  • a learning environment that promotes a mix of exploration through challenge, innovation and self-directed learning
  • a culture of high expectations
  • challenge and support in developing deep levels of thinking and application
  • relationships with their teachers that are trusting, respectful and productive
  • curriculum that is planned and purposeful, just and fair
  • regular and effective feedback to enable them to progress
  • appropriate and varied learning pathways that facilitate access to desired post-school opportunities
  • engagement with communities beyond the school
  • encouragement and support to achieve their potential without being constrained by gender stereotypes and limited aspirations for their future
  • family support for their learning and positive communications and involvement with the school.

Key people in Learning & Teaching

Debra McNaughton

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Jodie Wattie

VCE Coordinator

Helen Campbell

Vocational and Applied Learning Leader

Sally Dick

Learning Support Leader

Melissa Sabo

Learning Information Leader

Philippa Spring

Learning Enhancement Leader

Assessment & Reporting

At Sacred Heart College assessment tasks are varied and designed to allow students a range of learning styles to perform at their best.

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Achievement is celebrated at Sacred Heart.

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