Sam Weir
Year 8 Reflection Days
22 November 2023

Over two days in November, each Year 8 Home Group took time to pause and reflect on their year. This special time of contemplation began with input from Daniel Kanani, who shared his life experiences with all Year 8s through storytelling and song. Listening to Daniel’s experiences growing up in Uganda, and his later travels and adventures in Australia, was a highlight for many students, and Daniel’s contagious spirit of joy was appreciated by all.

Other elements of the reflection days involved time spent in heartfelt conversations about the nature of compassion, crafting time capsule letters to be opened in future years, and taking part in a liturgy at the church of Our Lady of the Rosary. We hope that all Year 8s feel nourished by the opportunity to grow deeper into their identity as a young person of Mercy.

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