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26 October 2023

This week marks the beginning of the VCAA examinations for Unit 3/4 subjects for our Year 12, and Year 11 students who have accelerated in a VCE subject. We wish them the very best and hope all of their hard work throughout the year is reflected in their Study Scores and ATAR. I would also like to thank the Unit 3/4 teachers for their support of these students throughout the year, and the final days before the exams.

Year 10 and 11 (Unit 2 VCE subjects) are only a few weeks away from their Semester Two examinations, starting 13 November. These examinations provide students with opportunities to develop and refine their revision skills as they progress through the Senior School. It is important for all students who are preparing for the examinations to use their time effectively and develop a study timetable. This strategy will maximise the time available to them in the lead up to the examinations, especially over the five day Melbourne Cup break. Other useful revision strategies include the use of past examination questions, as explained in the article, Past exam papers: a useful study tool. There are a few other revision strategies in the article, Revise, revise, revise.

The remainder of Term 4 is a very busy time for our Senior students. There are a number of key dates and events taking place, such as the examinations and the Step-Up program for 2024. All Year 10 and 11 students have been provided with a year level specific End of Year Arrangements booklet to support them over the coming weeks.

Subjects for 2024 will also be finalised before the start of our Step Up porgram. Information for any subject changes will be available to students via Daily Messages.

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