Seeds of Justice Regional Event

The latest Seeds of Justice Regional Conference was held in Anglesea on Thursday 31 August and Friday 1
September. Sacred Heart College was represented by five students and accompanied by two staff. The students enjoyed interacting with others from various Mercy Schools, and approached the Conference with open hearts and open minds. Many discussions and activities were had, provoking thought, compassion and understanding. The keynote speaker for the conference, was the founder of Ballarat Afghani Action Group. He spoke to the
students about his refugee story and how the group supports the regional provinces through financing the
purchase of food and the salary of teachers for females. Here are some of the student’s reflections:

· It was really nice to connect with other Mercy schools and share the experience with like-minded students.

· Learning Abdul’s story gave me new insights to a refugee’s reality.

· I enjoyed the opportunity to work in small groups with students from other year levels.

· Developed my understanding of empathy and the uniqueness of each person.

We all left the Conference well informed and moved to action, promising to retell our experience to others the

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