Parent Engagement Evening with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg
28 March 2023

On Tuesday 15 March, the College presented its first Parent Engagement Program event for 2023. The audience of over 200 people was privileged to hear a presentation by esteemed Psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. Dr Carr-Gregg spoke on the topic of ‘Boy’s Issues’, and pointed out the strengths as well as the challenges young men are facing today. He was both insightful and entertaining, sharing his wealth of knowledge with the very
engaged audience. Some interesting facts were:

· Adolescence is now considered to range from 10-24 years of age

· Young people now know at 11 what they used to know at 16 years of age

· Who they hang out with is the real indicator of outcomes

· Risk taking behavior is common as frontal lobe / consequences of action part of the brain have not yet developed- Ferrari Brain with Bicycle Brakes!

· 1 in 7 primary school boys and 1 in 5 secondary school boys have mild to moderate anxiety

· Accountability and consequences are important

· Important for parents to model support for authority

· Important for families to develop their own traditions/rites of passage

We look forward to seeing you at our next Parent
Engagement Program evening on 23 May, when Sonya Carras will speak on Safe Partying for Teens.

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