Julie Mortimer
Deputy Principal - Student Wellbeing
27 October 2023

Today we began the process of selecting students for positions in the 2024 Junior College Cabinet. Eleven very capable Year 7 and 8 students recently applied for the positions of Junior College Captains. As part of the application process, these students were required to present a speech they had prepared to their year levels. The speeches were fantastic! Everyone listened very respectfully and, following the assembly, voted electronically to select who they considered to be the most suitable candidates for the role, the most suitable representatives for the Junior School.

Interviews are held for all candidates. This allows them to expand further on the content of their speech and their great ideas. These are conducted by a panel including of a member of the Leadership Team and the current Junior College Captains. Each student’s answers are scored against criteria, making the entire process as fair and equitable as possible. We love to hear the student's great ideas, so this process is very exciting for all involved.

We are very proud of the Junior Student Leadership opportunities on offer at the College. This year we have had 42 applicants for our Junior Cabinet positions. It is wonderful to have so many enthusiastic young people prepared to step up into leadership roles, in order to make a difference. There will be more applicants than Cabinet positions, but there will be teams surrounding each Cabinet. We also have House Captains positions and roles on Student Representative Council to be filled, so we encourage all students who have applied to consider these options if they are unsuccessful in their bid for a Cabinet position.


It has been brought to our attention by a member of the public that a group of junior students, believed to be Year 7 or 8, have been ‘playing with the traffic’ after school along High Street. This is incredibly dangerous behaviour that could end very tragically if it continues. If any parent has seen this happening or have heard about it from their child who has seen this, could you please let someone at the College know, so that we can speak to those involved. We have spoken to the Year Levels, but a targeted approach would be more effective. 

This reminds us all that things such as road safety, which adults take as a given, need to be reinforced regularly to less mature young people. Please have these conversations with your child(ren) if you think they may need a reminder.

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