Sam Weir - Director of Faith and Mission
Ash Wednesday Liturgy
14 February 2024

Lenten liturgy

Over the course of a day, each of our students gathered in the College chapel, the spiritual heart of our community, to take part in our  Lenten liturgy.

In this liturgy, students were invited to embrace the simple prayer that our Lenten journey might draw us closer in our relationship with God’s great love, and attune our spirits to more readily recognise this love reflected in each other's faces.

Our liturgies also encouraged students to take on board Pope Francis’ wisdom, that Lent is both a time to remember, and a time of saying “no”:

  • A time of remembering that all people, across our vast world, are our brothers and sisters.

  • A time of saying “no” to a culture of exclusion and to an economy that exploits the most vulnerable.

  • A time of remembering God’s mercy and love, that never tires of forgiving us and always gives us the chance to begin anew.

  • A time of saying “no” to everything that isolates us, encloses us and paralyzes us.

Blessed with the sign of the cross and marked with ash, our community now enters into our Lenten journey emboldened by the knowledge that we walk shoulder to shoulder with each other, in our shared commitment to serve as agents of justice, and to live as people of Mercy.

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