School Sports Victoria
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School Sports Victoria (SSV)

In addition to our House Sports Carnivals, Sacred Heart College is a member of School Sports Victoria – Northern Metropolitan Region. In the initial rounds we will compete in the local cluster which includes Craigieburn SC, Mt Ridley, Wallan SC, Kyneton SC and Hume Anglican Grammar. After this, if our teams or individuals win, they will have the opportunity to progress through to the Regional and State levels. This competition seeks to promote the virtues of participation in healthy, enjoyable physical activity, whilst entering into the spirit of competitiveness, fair play, friendship and sporting excellence.

All students will have opportunities to trial for, and be selected in, a wide range of team sports, some of which are basketball, cricket, football, netball, soccer, and tennis. The competition operates at a Year 7, Year 8, Intermediate (Year 9/10) and Senior (Year 11/12) level and across the four terms of the school year.

The students who are trying out for SSV teams are expected to attend training and to demonstrate a positive ethos towards all aspects of College life. Trainings and selections are usually held three weeks prior to the SSV Day and the night of training (or alternatively, depending on the sport, a lunchtime) is usually negotiated with the Coach. Consent forms are sent home in regards to this.

The SSV Calendar will be made available to you as soon as it is confirmed. Specialty uniforms, i.e. soccer strips or football jerseys are distributed and returned on the day, therefore students are also expected to wear FULL and CORRECT PE uniform to and from a venue. Please note that whenever a child is in PE uniform they should also be wearing appropriate sporting footwear and not recreational skate shoes or slip-on/lace up canvas shoes.

We look forward to working with Sports Leaders and House Captains to provide your child with an enlivened sporting program. Please feel free to contact the Sports Coordinator, Mr Damien Zanic, at the College if you have any further questions via email