Instrumental Music Program
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Private tuition is offered at Sacred Heart College in the following:

Voice; Piano; Theory; Flute; Saxophone; Clarinet; Trumpet; Trombone; Euphonium; Violin; Viola; Cello; Double Bass; Guitar; Electric Bass; Ukulele; Orchestral Percussion; Drumkit

Lessons are held during the school day and are scheduled according to a rotating timetable. Some lessons may be held before or after school, by negotiation.

Lesson TypeLengthCost
Individual30 Mins$46
45 Mins$69
60 Mins$91
Pairs30 Mins$31
45 Mins$45

Please note that a pair lesson may only be available if another student at the same experience level requests a pair lesson. If a pair lesson is not possible, students will be asked to enrol in individual lessons.

Paired lessons are NOT available for Drums, Piano, or Orchestral Strings. These instruments are only offered as Individual lessons.

Ensemble Participation

All students enrolled in the Instrumental Program are encouraged to participate in a College Ensemble.
When the student is at an appropriate level of musicianship (as deemed by the Instrumental Teacher) ensemble participation is mandatory.

Missed Lessons

When calling the College to report an absence, please place a separate call to the Music Department directly on 54 211266 and leave a voicemail to notify the instrumental teacher of the student’s absence before 9am. If the Music Department is not informed prior to the lesson, the College reserves the right to charge for that missed lesson.

Missed lessons due to illness, extended family holidays or forgetfulness will be made up at the teacher’s discretion; however, it is courteous to give prior notice of absence to your child’s instrumental teacher.

School events (excursions, sporting events, class tests, etc) sometimes clash with music lessons, in which case the student should inform the instrumental teacher as soon as they become aware of the clash.

Termination of Lessons

Written notification to terminate lessons must be given to the Music Coordinator four weeks prior to cessation date.

Music Resources

Students may require certain sheet music, books or recordings. These resources are not available directly from the College, and will not be photocopied due to copyright regulations. Instrumental teachers will recommend avenues for the student to purchase these resources.

Instrument Hire

A limited number of instruments are available to hire from the College. Instrument hire will be arranged at the first lesson. A separate “Hire Form” will be sent home for the parent/ guardian to complete and return. Hire fees will be charged to the College family account.

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There are two ways to enrol in the program: