Year 9 Reflection Day

The venue for the year 9 Reflection Day was Campaspe Downs with the day being facilitated by the Youth Mission Team. The YMT are an amazing group of young people who give of themselves for 12 months to spread the Good News and engage with young people and their faith. A number of students expressed many ideas of what they thought the theme of the day was.

Here are a few responses; “listen to yourself and care about who you are friends with”, “the theme was about courage and individuality”, “the theme was about how to express yourself and accepting yourself for who you are”, “the theme for me was about how we want to be seen by everyone”.

Students were asked what they enjoyed about the day. Here is what they said; “I like the activities”, “I liked how the year level got involved in the activities and how the YMT were caring”, “I really like the message of how we should act and how we treat others and ourselves”, “I like how everyone was accepting of what everyone had to say”, I like working with people outside school.”