The Changing Face of Education

With the announcements by the State Government, students and staff across Victoria can look forward to a return to onsite learning and teaching in two stages from Tuesday 26 May. Significant preparations are underway at Sacred Heart College to ensure that the return of students and staff maintains the health and well-being of all involved. There is no doubt that the Sacred Heart Year 11 and 12 students will be both excited and relieved to return to face-to-face teaching. Maintaining a positive outlook and conscientious work habits is challenging under normal circumstances, but the way these senior students have applied themselves, in light of the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and global shutdown, is nothing less than remarkable. I would like to congratulate them on the determination and resilience they have all displayed in recent months.

An interesting aspect to watch, as schools return over the next month, will be how learning and teaching has been changed after almost ten weeks of enforced remote education. Teachers will be looking with great interest to see whether there has been growth in skills such as independent learning, time management and the accessing of electronic resources; while the school more generally will continue to explore how remote schooling can inform our traditional practices.

Sacred Heart College students have continued to enjoy an extraordinary range of activities despite the challenges of remote schooling. I applaud the ingenuity of our teachers and the determination of students and parents, the results that we have seen, albeit electronically, have been amazing.