Making Connections

The importance of positive connections with others in a variety of contexts is paramount to ensuring the greatest possibility of achieving success at school. The Pastoral structure at Sacred Heart is a deliberate attempt to create opportunities to build connections between students and staff. At each level there are staff to guide, instruct and support students, recognising they are still in the process of learning, and not just in an academic sense.

The Pastoral structure is:

  • Homeroom teacher –first point of contact for students and parents with queries or concerns
  • Year Level Leaders – responsible for overseeing the academic and wellbeing progress of students in their year level
  • Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing – oversees the wellbeing concerns for all students at the College, working closely with Year Level Leaders, counsellors, staff and parents.

Solving the Jigsaw

For students in Year 7, Solving the Jigsaw aims to promote a culture, language and understanding that encourages discussion, respectful relationships and action on violence, bullying, abuse, depression and anxiety.

It seeks to develop skills in conflict resolution, assertive communication, decision making and promote increased self knowledge, awareness, optimism and resilience. All Year 7 students participate in this program and it aims at strengthening the connection between the students and school. Solving the Jigsaw creates a ‘culture of wellbeing’.


Live4Life is a strong school and community partnership initiative in the Macedon Ranges, built on evidence based mental-health promotion principles undertaken at Year 8. Live4Life has the support of all partners within the Shire and is committed to improving our young people’s mental health.

Peer Support

Peer Support is a pro-active program which allows Year 10 students the opportunity to build the confidence of Year 7 students by working to familiarise them with various aspects within and around the College. Following a structured small group format, students get to know other students in other year levels, building connections through the school. For Year 7 students, this creates positive interactions with higher year levels, vital for developing a healthy school environment and culture.