Wellbeing Support

Student Wellbeing is a shared responsibility which encourages students to grow in awareness of their human dignity

Students at Sacred Heart College are part of a vibrant, inclusive learning environment that is enthusiastically embracing the challenge of becoming an innovative 21st century learning community.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners, who work as part of an integrated health, wellbeing and learning support service, which assists Year Level Leaders and other staff respond to the needs of students on a daily basis.  Our work is overseen by the Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing.

This holistic approach means that students feel cared about and important at Sacred Heart College, as they navigate the transition into secondary education and then again towards their future tertiary and career training.

Wellbeing ‘From the Heart’ Brochures  –  Parents and Students

Our Wellbeing Team

The Heart Wellbeing Staff are available between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm and see students during class time, breaks, as well as before and after school if requested.


Wellbeing Referral Form


    Privacy and confidentiality statement:

    Information will be kept confidential unless serious issues of wellbeing and safety arise.  Limits to confidentiality will be explained to students at first appointment. Counsellor case notes will be stored electronically, with restricted access to members of the Counselling Team, the Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing and the Principal on a needs to know basis.

    I have read and understand the privacy and confidentiality statement.

    The external supports listed below are also available to support young people and their families:
    ChildFIRST referral point for community agency family support: 1800 260 338
    Kids Help Line for online chat, telephone or email counselling for young people: 1800 55 1800
    Parentline for phone counselling and parenting support for parents and carers: 13 22 89
    E head space for online chat, telephone or email counselling for young people from a youth mental health practitioner: www.eheadspace.org.au or 1800 650 890