Camps – Out and About

The camps program offers our students an opportunity to grow and develop in safe but challenging environments.

Camps Program

The camp program at Sacred Heart College Kyneton is an essential component of the wider school curriculum. It aims to assist students in developing essential life skills, physically, emotionally, and socially, supporting them to become well-rounded global citizens.

Each year students have a new opportunity to discover themselves, their peers, teachers and the environment. The programs are designed around learning in a fun and challenging atmosphere, where intentions are tailored to suit the students needs and personal development. Students are challenged to step outside of their comfort zone to achieve their full potential, returning home and to the classroom invigorated and ready to put their skills to the test.

Students are encouraged to take an active role in the programs from leading the group, assisting with tasks, to respecting the environment. They are part of the decision-making process, taking responsibility for themselves and others, and accepting the consequences of their actions and decisions.

Group cooperation is paramount in everyday life and in achieving success, and the camps program aims to further develop students’ skills in this area. Students are encouraged to find ways of solving problems, deal positively with conflict, take considered risks, communicate effectively and take on leadership qualities.

Year 7 Camp – Kinglake – ‘Orientation Camp’

This camp exposes students to a range of foundation activities that they will build on throughout their time at the College.  The 3 day camp is set in the forest environment of Kinglake.  Here students will be participating in a variety of outdoor activities aimed at challenging themselves, developing friendships and gaining an insight into team work and safe participation in the outdoors. Students will also begin to develop personal skills aimed at supporting their positive wellbeing.  Activities include: High Ropes, Climbing Challenges, Initiative Activities and Group Challenges.

Year 8 Camp – Anglesea – ‘Surf Coast Adventure’

The Surf Coast Adventure is a five-day residential program which is specifically designed to follow on from the Year 7 camp and encourage students to challenge themselves and take educated risks in a safe space. The camp is based at the YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp, centred around a coastal theme. It provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including, surfing, canoeing, mountain biking, overnight hiking, the giant swing, high ropes, the crate climb, kitchen gardening and geocaching. The camp allows students to further develop their resilience and overcome obstacles.

Year 9 Camp – Melbourne – ‘Independence Challenge’

Year 9 Camp sees students travel to the Melbourne CBD to develop their confidence and independence in the city. Students spend three days in the city, the first being Careers Day where students are orientated to the CBD, use public transport and have the opportunity to visit a workplace of their career interest. Students plan the Cultural Day and are responsible for executing their activities as a team with minimal guidance and intervention from staff, proving challenging for all involved in unfamiliar environments. Mishaps along the way are all part of the learning experience and students are challenged to work as a team and problem-solve without adult input. On the last day, students participate in an ‘Amazing Race’ meeting staff members at checkpoints to assist in cases of emergency or safety.

Year 10 Camp – Falls Creek – ‘Alpine Experience’

The Year 10 Alpine Experience is aimed at building relationships and further developing students resilience. It is a five-day residential program based at YMCA’s Howman’s Gap. Students take part in two days of down-hill skiing, and one day of cross country skiing away from the main resort. This camp encourages students to forge strong relationships with others which is essential as they move into their senior schooling.

Elective Program

At Years 10 and 11, students have the opportunity to extend themselves in the College’s Camps program by selecting elective subjects which build on their experiences gained at junior levels. Students have the opportunity to study VET Outdoor Recreation and, at VCE Level, Outdoor and Environmental Studies (Units 1–4).

These subjects look at various environmental issues, giving students a greater understanding of, and respect for, the Australian environment. Students will have opportunities to gain experience first-hand, through participating in a number of daily excursions. Additionally, they will experience the outdoors through participation on Semester camps, ranging from hiking at Mt Feathertop and the Great Ocean Walk, climbing and hiking in the Grampians, scuba-diving in Port Phillip Bay, cross-country skiing at Mt Stirling and canoeing on the Murray River.