Remembrance Day Assembly

On Thursday 8 November, Sacred Heart commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice which ended the first World War. Year 9 student leaders demonstrated excellent leadership in the organisation of the Service, and also spoke of the former Sacred Heart women and their involvement in the First World War. Year 8 student, Harrison Gatt, did an outstanding job of playing ‘The Last Post’.  We thank Mr David Watson, from the Kyneton RSL, who spoke at our Commemoration.

An art installation made of poppies was created to acknowledge Remembrance Day.  This was a part of the Year 9 ‘Get Real’ program, where students were asked, over a two-week period, to create and make felt poppies. The VCAL students were also involved in a number of activities relating to the Remembrance Day Commemoration. The installation was an extension of their ‘Australians at War’ study.  It was the first time the College had undertaken such a project. The Sacred Heart staff were also invited to knit or crochet crimson wool poppies. Both students and staff rose to the occasion and over 582 poppies were made. These poppies were placed around the art piece in the middle of our gardens titled ‘Sister and the Granite Plinths’. This piece was commissioned by the College in 2014 and was completed by a renowned local artist Mr Ron Davies who had been invited to attend our Remembrance Day service.  Currently Ron is creating individually handcrafted Blue, White and Red poppies made from historic 303 lead core bullets from the historical Kyneton Rifle Range. The Blue poppies are designed to increase awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression for those who have returned from their military posts. It was with honour that we acknowledged the memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts and appreciate their sacrifice. ‘Lest we forget’.