Reconciliation Week

‘So Loved’ by Aunty Glenny Naden

“This painting is based on the verse John 3:16, a favourite verse from Sunday School days on the mission. God loved the world so much that He gave His Son to die that we might have life. The groups on the side of the painting represent the people of the world showing all different countries. The top of the painting is the heavenly realm where God is, and a much anticipated place for all believers”

Reconciliation is about walking in friendship, in peace and harmony. We pray for our Indigenous brothers and sisters in the hope that we can all grow in love and respect for each other. Lord help us to grow together and walk in harmony sharing the common grace bestowed upon us by our Lord Jesus Christ.    Amen

At lunchtime on Tuesday 26 May, our student leaders conducted a short service at the front of the school, beneath the flags, to commemorate National Sorry Day.  They came together, shared prayer and a minute’s silence to remember the grief, suffering and injustice for The Stolen Generations, their families and communities.