Justice and Service

The Justice and Service group was initiated by Genevieve Chalkley during her time at the College as Religious Education Coordinator. She was an inspiration to all who knew her and her passion for justice continues to grow and develop in the young people who have committed themselves to the work she began. Justice and Service empowers students, staff and families to live out the Mercy ethos in our daily lives and is of enormous importance to our College community.

What we do…

Mercy at Work Student Action team

This team is a committee of student leaders from the Justice and Service, Sacred Earth, Faith Development and the Celebrating Diversity group. They meet fortnightly during lunchtime to plan and run awareness raising activities and fund raising projects throughout the year. Issues of social justice are discussed and the group provides leadership for the Sacred Heart College community in working to alleviate the problems of an environmental or social justice nature.

Students decide which justice issues will be tackled and what fundraising will be undertaken. They have a keen perception of what matters to young people and a willingness to look outside their immediate environment to understand issues in the world around them.

Eco Justice – Sustainability at Sacred Heart College

With the publication of Pope Francis’s ‘Ladauto Si, Our Earth Our Home’, the Justice and Service Group has taken on Eco Justice as a key part of the activities. Our student led environmental group Sacred Earth has taken up leadership on key issues to make our school a more Sustainable one. Awareness raising and behavioural change management around Energy and Resource use have been key projects in 2016.

Inter-School seminars

Students represent Sacred Heart College at inter-school Justice seminars and conferences in Melbourne and, at times, interstate and they share ideas and insights they gain with the wider College community. Groups attend the Seeds of Justice overnight seminars in Melbourne run by the Victorian Mercy schools, the Young Mercy Justice Tree Conferences in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, the Justice Leadership days run by the Catholic Education Office, the Mercy links seminars and the World Vision Leadership Training days.