Immersion Programs

Immersion experiences offer our students a richness of opportunities, including the uniqueness of Aboriginal culture, spirituality, language and culture.

Jarlmadangah Indigenous Immersion Program

Each year students in Years 10 and 11 can apply to participate in our Indigenous Immersion Trip to Jarlmadangah Burru (250 kms from Broome) . This program was set up in 2006 and continues now with good collaboration with the Community Elders and school staff.

As a key component of this visit, the eight selected students, along with two staff from Sacred Heart College, spend time engaged in classroom activities at the Nyikina Mangala Community School. Additional cultural awareness activities and sightseeing activities are undertaken within the community.

Before and after the immersion experience, students spend time in Broome exploring the historic and tourist sites as well as working at some of the Broome charities.

Staff and students from the Nyikina Mangala Community School are encouraged to make a reciprocal visit to Sacred Heart College.