Craig Holmes – Principal

Holmes___Craig_Craig has been involved in Catholic education for 34 years as an educator. During this time he has held positions of leadership in a number of schools in Teaching and Learning, as well as leadership roles at the Catholic Education office in Melbourne. Craig has also been an active member of the broader educational community including St Brigid’s Parish in Gisborne. He has presented at numerous conferences and he is currently a member of the Principal’s Association of Victoria Catholic Secondary Schools.

As Principal of a Mercy school, Craig has a strong commitment to the charism of Catherine McAuley and the Religious Sisters of Mercy, as a means to immerse our students in the Mercy values and to see them grow in their Catholic faith.

As a father of four children, who attended Sacred Heart College, Craig is very aware of the importance of school and family partnerships in supporting our students to reach their full potential.

Craig has qualifications in Education, including a Master in Educational Leadership from the Australian Catholic University, and a second Masters in Educational Policy International from The University of Melbourne.

Contact number: +61 3 5421 1226