Learning Support

The Learning Support Team, under the guidance of the Learning Support Leader, ensures all students’ individual learning requirements are met throughout their journey from Year 7 to 12. Our team is well staffed and resourced with experienced team members who successfully foster independent learning abilities in our students. They are skilled in liaising closely with teaching staff and in communicating regularly and openly with parents.

Students can be referred to the Learning Strategies Team by teachers, parents or on a self-referral basis. Assessments are undertaken and referrals to specialists made where necessary. Assistance developed according to the needs of the individual student in collaboration with parents, teaching staff and following the advice of specialist reports.

The types of assistance offered range from curriculum support, help with comprehension and completion of set tasks, through to complete modification of the course offered. This support takes place in the classroom or in alternative spaces where programs can best address individual learning needs.

The Learning Support Leader is Mrs Sally Dick and is contactable by email: sdick@shckyneton.catholic.edu.au