Coronavirus Information for Parents

Please find attached below, all correspondence that has been issued to parents/guardians relating to the current coronavirus situation.

Letter below dated 25 March 2020  –  Dr Darren Egberts

Good afternoon Parents and Carers,

Please find below Remote Schooling handbooks that provide further detail on the arrangements that Sacred Heart College has put in place if schools don’t reopen on Tuesday 14 April, and we move into Remote Schooling.  The College’s teachers and leaders have done an outstanding job in recent days putting together these resources and trialing many of the platforms and activities in class.   I would like to thank each of them for this effort in very challenging conditions and am confident that Sacred Heart has done whatever possible to prepare for the probable extended school closure.

In reality, I am unable to predict how our plans will go if, and when, they begin.  But as problems and issues arise, the College will deal with them and communicate this to parents, students and staff.  We have put into place a range of electronic meetings and forums for the College’s staff.  These will occur with the same regularity as is the case normally at school with the option of more meetings when needed.

We are also aware that many parents and families are already facing or will face financial challenges.  Business and employment conditions are getting worse daily.  The College will have more to say on this in the next few days but our commitment to support families and students in financial hardship is unequivocal.

The school holidays have started for many already but as our political leaders have stated, these holidays will be like no others.  I wish each Sacred Heart College family all the very best.

Take care of yourselves and those around you.