2020 Semester One Awards and SOSH Winners

It is always a pleasure to recognise achievement. Our criteria for the Academic Awards at mid-year are:

  • Overall academic excellence
  • Dedication to study
  • Strong work ethic
  • Living Mercy Values

Students who received the awards were worthy recipients. This does not diminish the achievements of other students during Semester One, but we hope that other students aspire to be recipients of Academic Achievement Awards at the end of the year and in following years.

Congratulations to all the meritorious students.

Year 7

Lucie Cousins
Evie Duignan
Genevieve Eames
Mary Fox
Wing Ki Hider
Juliette Johnson
Kuppah Kome
Madison Morgan-Smith
Hazel Smith
Amelia Walsh

Year 8

Ruby Davidson
Emma De Leonardis
D’Arcy Egberts
Frida Foerster
Claire Freeman
Lewis Gatt
Anna Mifsud
Eva Raco
Rose Sud
Bridie Sutton


Year 9

Jakira Bowen-Duarte
Jemima Cudmore
Molly Garrahan
Donald Holford
Madeleine Holford
Yongle Ma
Clair Mustey
Cai Rowland
Lili Taylor
Kyal Tunley

Year 10

Tasha Barron
Jude Buerger
Rachel Cassar
Gemma Cowburn
Breeanna Crozier
Lila Freeman
Harrison Gatt
Clare Moloney
Miette Sandercock
Jada Yumang


Year 11

Jorja Barlow
Hayden Clune
Medbh Harkin
Samuel Henry
Grace Kalinowski
Alice Knox
Charlotte Krvarich
Carmen Moore
Fergus Sinnott
Hunter White


Year 12

Courtney Agius
Breeanan Butcher
Amber Carlton-Doney
Emily Clare Cousins
Cale Heagney
Amber Jepsen
Aisling Neville
Lilly Nolte
Portia Patullo
Scarlett Shannon


Year 11 VCAL

Tyrone Hargreaves and Aleisha Vella

Year 12 VCAL

Adam Cassar and Erin Peake



Spirit of Sacred Heart Award  –  Semester One

Year 7  –  Isla Woodberry

Year 8  –  Anna Mifsud

Year 9  –  William Shaddock

Spirit of Sacred Heart Award  –  Semester One

Year 10  –  Oscar Broadbent

Year 11  –  Declan Lawrence

Year 12  –  Knox Dettmann, Savannah Roberts and Jack Keeping