Celebrate the Past, live the memories and embrace the future. Our past students are valued members of the our College community.

Welcome to Sacred Heart College Alumni Webpage. We are here to help you recapture memories and reconnect with old school friends. Our aim is to preserve the link between past and present students, recognize and celebrate alumni achievements, offer support and connect alumni with old friends and new acquaintances through reunions and interactions via the website.

We hope that with your help we will work to strengthen our networks and extend the communication we have with our past students. Our current Alumni database has 4,500 entries however, sadly, many of those contacts are not up-to-date.

To maintain our database and our ties with our past pupils we would be interested in receiving updates from you on your current contact details and where you are, what you are up to, whether you are working or studying. Have you achieved your dreams, have you moved or travelled overseas? We would also appreciate your thoughts on how the College has grown and developed in the years since you were a student here.

There are many ways you can stay connected with the College. Old Collegians are often able to provide us with stories about their life after SHC for magazine and newsletter articles, come in and talk to current students about their pathway/career/industry, take on a work experience student or get involved in mock interviews, sponsor an award, a production or our Great Victorian Bike Ride students or just become involved in your reunion organizations.

If you are organizing a reunion please keep us informed so we can assist with photos, venue suggestions, name searching and publicising the event.

Interested in seeing how the College has changed since your time? Give us a call, past pupils are always welcomed back for a wander around and some refreshments, it might even entice a few memories/stories to slip out!

Have you been wondering what to do with your old school photos, uniform, publications, programs? Don’t throw them away! Donate them to the College archives. We now have a dedicated Heritage Building, Chisholm Cottage, to house all the College’s historical photographs and memorabilia.  Call in and have a look around.  Did your parents or grandparents attend the College? Let us help you with your family research.

We are currently building a solid network of Alumni, so please help us spread the word by completing the ‘Update Your Details’ form.

For more information please contact:
Sharon Lanteri
Archives & Alumni
03 54211221