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Principal's Message

image: Mr Craig HolmesWelcome to Sacred Heart College, Kyneton.  The College was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1889 and has been educating young people for 120 years.  A Catholic co-educational school in the Macedon Ranges Shire, one hour's drive from Melbourne, Sacred Heart has an enrolment of 812 students.

2007 marked the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of Mercy in Melbourne and the establishment of their first school, The Academy of Mary Immaculate in Fitzroy.

In 1907, Sacred Heart College moved to its present site in High Street.  We give thanks for the many thousands of students and staff who have graced our corridors over the last 100 years.  We especially remember those women of great faith, the Sisters of Mercy, whose vision, commitment and service enabled the Sacred Heart College Kyneton Mercy Story to evolve.


The following statement sums up the ethos of the College:

"Sacred Heart College is a community of students, teachers and parents within the Kingdom of God with Christ as its centre and focus.  It strives for the total development of the human and spiritual faculties of its members who, in response, are inspired to commit themselves to serve God and their fellow people and make the world a better place in which to live."

As a community, we rely on each other and seek to promote positive, caring relationships among all our members based on mutual respect and love.
We strive to structure our environment in such a way that these relationships are nurtured within an atmosphere conducive to learning.  As a result, ours is a happy, caring and close community in which education and learning thrive.

Our Vision

Sacred Heart College is a vibrant learning community, founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, where all are called to reveal God to the world and to make our world a better place in which to live.

Our Mission 

Sacred Heart College, a co-educational Catholic Secondary College in the Mercy tradition, educates, cares for and supports young people in the Macedon Ranges, Castlemaine and surrounding areas.

Our Goals 

Sacred Heart College aspires to:

  • be the school of first choice for all Catholic families residing within our feeder parishes.
  • lead our community into communion with God.
  • foster interpersonal relationships that reflect the Mercy values of love, respect, justice, hope and service.
  • address the needs of students by providing a rich, positive and inclusive learning and teaching environment.
  • provide a safe learning environment which is well-resourced, designed to meet a range of contemporary educational purposes and which incorporates sustainable practices.

Our Actions 

Sacred Heart College will:

  • be explicit in the teaching of our Catholic faith whilst respecting other religions.
  • give students, staff and parents opportunities to deepen their personal spirituality and the practice of their Christian faith.
  • emphasise relationships which reflect Mercy values and a Christian understanding of the dignity of the individual and where issues are resolved openly and honestly.
  • employ dedicated, professional staff who are valued and supported in their endeavours to foster faith development, to promote learning and to act as positive role models for students.
  • promote a learning and teaching culture which is student-centred and characterised by a joy of learning where thinking skills and creativity are nurtured.
  • promote excellence, encourage students to do their best and recognise effort and achievement.
  • offer a curriculum which embraces new technologies and understandings and which provides a diverse range of learning experiences.
  • encourage students  to anticipate and respond to the needs of others and to understand and embrace their responsibility as members of the global community.
  • encourage students to be life-long learners who become resilient, confident, creative individuals and active and informed citizens.
  • equip our students with the skills, attitudes, values and dispositions to fully participate in the civic life of their communities and the nation while promoting an understanding of our democratic heritage and traditions .

I hope you will enjoy browsing through our web site.  Should you require further information or wish to enrol your child, please visit our directory in the 'Contact Us' tab of this site.

My best wishes,
Mr Craig Holmes


College Prospectus

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Complaints Resolution Procedure

To download the College Complaints Resolution Procedure click here.

Annual Report to the School Community 2014

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Australian Government Compliance Certificate 2 Report 2009

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Principals of Sacred Heart College 1889 – 2007

July 1889 - May 1892

Sr Gabriel Sherlock

May 1892 - 1898

Sr Magdalene Gibson

1898 - May 1904

Sr Genevieve Buckley

1904 - July 1907 

Sr Magdalene Gibson

July 1907 - May 1909

Sr Genevieve Buckley

May 1909 - January 1914

Sr Magdalene Gibson

January 1914 - January 1918

Sr Genevieve Buckley

January 1918 - January 1921

Sr Mary of Mercy O'Brien

January 1921 - January 1927

Sr Teresa O'Brien

January 1927 - January 1933

Sr Brigid Bannan

January 1933 - January 1939

Sr Teresa O'Brien

January 1939 - January 1940 

Sr Columba Kenny

January 1940 - January 1946

Sr Teresa O'Brien

January 1946 - January 1951

Sr Aloysius McMenamin

January 1951 - January 1955

Sr Brigid Bannan

January 1955 - January 1959

Sr Christina McIntyre

January 1959 - November 1959 

Sr Eymard Smith

November 1959 - January 1966 

Sr Genevieve Meney

January 1966 - January 1972

Mother Mary Justinian Gildea

January 1972 - December 1974

Sr Carmel Pascoe

January 1975 - December 1978

Sr Vivien Dwyer

January 1979 - December 1983

Sr Denise Doyle

January 1984 - December 1986

Sr Philomene Carroll

January 1987 - December 1992 

Sr Nancy Freddi

January 1993 - December 2005

Sr Mary Moloney

January 2006 - October 2010

Mr John Arthurson

January 2011 -

Mr Craig Holmes